• 15. Juni 2017

May Photography Project – Travel Every Day

Exploring new places in a foreign country is full of magic. People act differently, forms and shapes are new, filled with noises never heard before. But in my daily life I  loose attention more and more to all the wonders around me. In May I discovered a new place or event every day, thus keeping me conscious about all the beauty around me.


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May 1
International Workers‘ Day Demonstration.
In Hamburg the radical left-wing community is one of the biggest in Germany. Today was the traditional May 1 Labour day demonstration. Regularly on demonstrations but never made it to this one.


May 2
Town hall Hamburg.
Finished in 1897 and I finally got inside. Right in time to see the politicians leaving for dinner.


May 3
Top Parking Level.
I really like to be on the top parking level in car parks. It is never busy, good pavement for longboarding and it feels like leaving the city for a while. As a photographer I see forms and lines matching together.


May 4
Exhibition of 81 photographers, one photo each. Great place, great inspiration.


May 5
Schaugewächshäuser Planten und Blomen
In the greenhouses of the University of Hamburg I found plants from different climate zones – started with tropical ones and ended up with desert ones. Everybody can go there and learn something, its for free.


May 6
Løkken, Denmark
Decided to stay here tonight. Skinny dipping sunet. Good night Denmark. Norway, see you tomorrow.


May 7
Austbygdi, Norway
Late night arrival. Friends, food and favourite songs are perfect after a long day on the road.


May 8
Bath tub, Norway
Midnight bath. .


May 9
Mountains, Norway
Something in between winter and spring. Stunning nature and rough landscapes.


May 10
Buskerud, Norway
Roadtrip. Short break next to Sonstevatn lake, minus degrees and freezing cold wind. But it is always worth it to stop if you are curious about the place outside, never mind the conditions.


May 11
Akra, Norway
Off season travelling. Places are empty, all of the forrest is yours.


May 12
Gaustatoppen, Norway
Sometimes going down is more interesting than going up. Rjukan from above.


May 13
Ferry from Norway to Denmark
Coming home is the hardest part of travelling. Moody sky and the ship’s rail. Composition addicted.


May 14
Altes Land, Lower Saxony, Germany
‚The biggest contiguous fruit-producing region in Central Europe.‘ Went there to photograph apple and cherry trees, ended up teaching @julz_ii how to longboard.


May 15
New friends place, Hamburg
To see how a new friend lives is exciting. Good friends let you enter their private space, no more secrets to hide.
This is what I found at a new friends place.


May 16
Hospital For Souls, Hamburg
Last Weekend we got an empty room in our flat, I have never seen it like that before. It is blank – new space for art. Expression of feelings in a neutral space. I would call it hospital for souls. .


May 17
World Press Photo Exhibition, Hamburg
Why do I go to exhibitions? To support the artists, to learn and to get inspiration. Today I had to learn that the cruelest images win the prizes. They left me speechless and made me think about the strange world we are living in. Peace brothers and sisters. Fabulous hatman @photospokus


May 18
Andreas Mühe – Pathos als Distanz, Deichtorhallen
‚a lot to discover on this exhibition, sneak a peak in the rosy corridor‘.


May 19
Abandoned building, Hamburg.
‚Do you feel safe here? YEAH‘


May 20
Wedding of Katja and Roman, Elmshorn.
Great fun, going to a wedding knowing nobody except of @photospokus


May 21
Hanseatische Materialverwaltung, Hamburg.
Sunday night open air flea market. New place, new friends. @mischa_ela and @lindapeach in their best behaviour.


May 22
Norderelbe, Hamburg.
Hamburg is known for its big harbor, but all the people are going to the same spots, busy and easy to reach. Cruising around without any goal brought us to a small road directly at the river – quiet and kind of abandoned. Industrial romance.
Hanging around two days in a row with @mischa_ela – friendship is getting serious. .


May 23
Experiences from Lesvos.
@rrrrike helps refugees in Greece. Back in Hamburg to finish her degree before going to the island Lesvos, Greece again, she organized an evening for friends to tell us about her work. She experienced misery, met people in an abnormal situation and told us good and sad stories.
Thank you for teaching me something new about a big crisis going on.


May 24
Inselpark, Hamburg.
Definitely explored a great place today. Big skate park with a huge pool, almost forgot photographing, new possibility and friends. Chats about life, most important ‚have fun‘. Exploring places alone seems strange for my friends, afraid of leaving the comfort zone. Beeing alone keeps me focused on my feelings and helps me seeing places unfiltered.


May 25
Freiraum für Fotografie, Berlin
Nancy Borowicks ‚A Life In Death‘. Thank you @nancyborowick for sharing your personal work, this exhibition made me travel to Berlin. Big feelings for photography and good old friends.


May 26
Streets of Berlin.
Surprised by the energy of this city, I will be back soon.


May 27
NEU! Bar, Berlin.
I hope everybody has the same kind of friends. Barely contact during the past two years, haven’t seen each other since – but showing up in Berlin at his place feels like coming home when we used to live together.


May 28
St. Paulus, Buchholz in der Nordheide.
People with faith are part of a new project I am working on. It’s also about moral values and ethics. Stay tuned for more images, big goal is an exhibition at the end of this year.


May 29
Random shipping pier, Hamburg.
Sometimes it is important to talk about personal desires, work should not stop anybody of being a human with feelings. Stop working, start enjoying the summer.


May 30
Theater der Welt, Hamburg.
Exploring an empty event venue, mystic light, moody weather – summer nights in Hamburg.


May 31
Streets, Hamburg.
Walking around the streets without final destination makes me look at things I never recognized before.
Last picture of the may photography series. Glad I made it to a new place every day, it kept me active, I met new people and explored the city I live in more and more