Hi, I am

Ben Maier

a people and documentary photographer. Currently based in Hamburg, Germany.

I’m searching for stories that feed my creativity. As an explorer of cultures and places I am always curious about the world and the unseen. I believe in photographs which tell a powerful story themselves and which are good parts of a series. Passionate about Asia I spent 1,5 Years working and traveling in nine countries and got experience in documentary photography. I learned about cultures and diversity, experienced true hospitality and made friendships which matter. My future vision is work as a travel photographer, I want to use the power of images I create to show the beauty and diversity of our planet – it’s important for me to see humans peacefully united.

I’m working hard to be an interdisciplinary photographer, please do not hesitate contacting me whether you’re a private person or owner of a business. People – Places – Products, contact me with your idea and we work together on a fitting concept for every budget. I am available to work worldwide, also as a volunteer for charities.

For bookings and collaborations please send an e-mail to hi[at]benmaier.photography (German and English)